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BDCD 2017 International Conferenceer

"Enhancing Climate Diplomacy in a Changing Political Environment"
New Opportunities for Cooperation among International Organisations on Climatic Threats
to International, National, Human and Environmental Security
Brussels • 20 November 2017

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3rd Planetary Security Conference launches The Hague Declaration  

The 2017 Planetary Security Conference changed the game on the issue of climate and security with the launch of The Hague Declaration. The six point plan has been signed by over 70 high profile experts, from ministers to ambassadors, mayors, generals and academics in the field, seeks to move the agenda from knowledge to action. Clingendael Director Monika Sie Dhian Ho told the opening plenary that the Declaration will help strengthen and deepen the work of the community moving forward. The conference - held in The Hague on 12-13 December 2017 and attended by 350 experts - came at the end of a year of ongoing and worsening political conflict and humanitarian crises including the devastating ones unfolding in Lake Chad, Iraq and Mali which were the focus regions for the two days.    >> Full Story

On 15 December 2017, the United Nations Security Council held the Arria Formula meeting to discuss the security implications of rising temperatures. The Hague Declaration on Planetary Security, developed and endorsed by the Planetary Security Initiative and partners, was discussed during the meeting.   >> More

IHE Delft hosted the sixth meeting of The Hague Roundtable on Climate & Security on 21 September 2017. Rector Dr. Eddy Moors welcomed ambassadors and officers from 20 countries and 14 NGOs who came together for the half-day meeting to discuss cooperation in adapting to impacts of climate change.

The importance of water resources to security at a global level was examined in the context of the UN Security Council with emphasis on cooperation, to reduce threats to peace and stability. “Climate impacts have changed everything and it’s increasingly crucial to connect scientific researchers and policy makers,” said Alexander Verbeek, Planetary Security Initiative founder & former Dutch MFA strategic advisor, who led a brainstorming session with attendees on responding to climate-related crises.    >> Full Story

6th Roundtable on Climate & Security: Climate, Water, Migration and Regional Stability

5th The Hague Roundtable on Climate & Security focuses on Water

The Roundtable meeting series is an initiative from the Institute for Environmental Security to share information and strategies to build action on addressing climate risks including natural resource availability, food security, migration, disaster response, and stability of fragile states. 


International cooperation on water-related climate risks was the theme of the fifth Hague Roundtable on Climate and Security on 19 April 2017. More than 40 representatives of embassies and non-governmental institutes shared strategies on water issues at the meeting hosted by the Ambassador of Australia to the Netherlands, H.E. Dr Brett Mason.

Threats and opportunities were examined from various perspectives with the aim of building capacities to peacefully address challenges such as sea level rise, disaster response, droughts and water-related conflict.

(a) Operational challenges presented by climate change: military-strategic level
(b) Adaptation strategies: What has and can be done to overcome the challenges?
(c) Alternative approaches (e.g. the Ecosystems approach) which can also help build the bridge between civilian-military organisations.

The meeting also included a briefing on the 22 June EEAS conference “Climate Change, Security and Peace: The Time for Action” and a round-table discussion on what can BDCD participating organisations do in terms of strategic planning and recommending new policies and practical actions.

6th BDCD focuses on the Role of the Military in addressing Climate Change & Security

The 6th meeting of the Brussels Dialogue on Climate Diplomacy (BDCD), organised by EDRC, was hosted by the European External Action Service (EEAS) in Brussels on 28 June 2018. The presentation consisted of 3 parts:

The 5th session was held on 9 March 2018 at the offices of the NATO-Parliamentary Assembly which included a presentation on the EU Foreign Affairs Council conclusions on climate diplomacy (26 Feb 2018) by Anne Bergenfelt, EC DG Climate Action and Pascal Delisle, European External Action Service followed by an exchange of information from participating organisations on their recent and forthcoming activities.

EU Council Conclusions discussed at 5th BDCD